Friday, February 10, 2017

February Is A Month To Celebrate!

February 10, 2017

Fairfield, CT The saying goes “birthdays are the worst days…” Maybe it has to do with getting older and wondering, how can it get better from here?

Well here at JJ Bender we
LOVE birthdays! Part of our company culture is being able to celebrate events in a positive light and who doesn’t love to sing Happy Birthday?!

This month we have a very special birthday. Jeffrey Bender, founder of JJ Bender, is turning 70!
President’s day is also approaching – what a coincidence!

In honor of all these events, we want you to know these five words we swear to you, we’ll be there for you! Whether it is a big deal, a complicated deal, or a different deal we will help you get it done!

We buy all brands and will have a hard time saying no to any equipment you are looking to sell or trade-in.

JJ Bender also provides leasing.

Celebrate with us and give us a call! (203)336-4034

Jeffrey Bender
(203)336-4034 ext. 15