Thursday, December 8, 2016

An Open Letter to Our Friends and Trading Partners

No matter what your political leanings are, it has become perfectly clear to me that the President elect has said we are going to be "open" for business.

We at JJ Bender are going to take this "open" idea and run with it. As of this date, December 8th, it's clear we are going to have the biggest December sales month ever in our 36 years.

So my question or request of you is : how can we make money together?
  • Can we buy used machines from you?
  • Do you need help with financing or leasing?
  • Are you looking for some equipment you can't find?

We are "open" to any idea you have.

Call me- call us- let's make it happen!

Warmest regards,
Jeffrey Bender
(203)336-4034 ext. 14